Managed WiFi

In-Motion Television

Immersive Video

Authenticate WiFi Users

Secured access to the complimentary or contracted WiFi service and a pay-per-use option once a predefined passenger usage cap is hit

Custom Landing Page

Browsers redirect to a custom login page that can be tailored for your bus company or for contracted clients


At our Network Operation Center our technicians monitor and can access routers to provide immediate support whenever needed

Bandwidth Managed Services

Mobilepoint routers dynamically adjust to passenger count and consumption to fairly distribute the service and maintain a high quality level of service

Content Filtering

Content can be filtered to block offensive or adult websites to keep the bus family friendly

Predictable Service

Rest easy as we keep your mobile Internet costs in check. Our managed service keeps you in plan so you don’t have to go to the bank to pay overages

USA Canada Service

Our Service works seamlessly in Canada and the USA, travel with confidence and no roaming charges

Onboard Cameras

Create an immersive tour bus experience with externally mounted cameras that passengers access on their mobile device